Swaraj Engines Ltd. (SEL) is manufacturing engines for fitment into “Swaraj” tractors being manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M) at its Swaraj Division. SEL is also supplying hi-tech engine components to SML Isuzu Ltd., the erstwhile Swaraj Mazda Ltd, for assembly of commercial vehicle engines.
Since start of commercial operations in 1989-90, SEL has supplied over 5,00,000 engines for fitment into “Swaraj” tractors.

Swaraj Automotives Limited (SAL) is in the business of manufacturing Seats and Seat Mechanisms for tractors, commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. SAL, initially called Punjab Scooters Limited, was set up in 1974 to manufacture Scooters. However, SAL discarded the unviable scooter line and then ventured into the manufacturing of Automobile Seats and Seating Mechanisms and other related products. The Company’s name was also changed to Swaraj Automotives Limited from Punjab Scooters Limited in 1998. SAL is now making seats and seat mechanism for leading automobile companies in the country.

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